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Anna Demeo:

Rethinking Energy: Opportunities and Challenges for Communities


Date: Friday, January 27, 2017
(No reservations accepted after noon on Thursday, Jan. 26)

Location: Birch Bay Village Inn

Time: Lunch 11:30, $11 each // Lecture noon - 1:00
Reservations required - call the ASC office 288-9500, or email: learn@acadiaseniorcollege.org

Businesses and individuals are facing rising and fluctuating fuel costs. At the same time, communities across the country are increasingly faced with the impacts of climate change.

In Maine, eighty percent of our residences are heated by oil, our highly dispersed population is dependent upon fossil-fueled automobile transportation, and our electricity is largely provided by imported natural gas. For these reasons, it is imperative that action be taken to increase efficiency and shift to renewable energy sources. Fortunately this shift can also serve to save individuals money while strengthening the local economy.

The challenge for communities, businesses and individuals who want to take control of their energy future is that they often don’t know where to begin or how to gather the necessary resources. The Community Energy Center was established to help local governments, businesses and residents transition to a more sustainable way of using and producing energy while reducing costs and supporting the economy.

Anna Demeo is the Director of Energy Education and Management at College of the Atlantic. She teaches energy and engineering courses with an emphasis on project-based, hands-on learning. Dr. Demeo is also responsible for migrating the college away from fossil fuels by embedding the work into the educational curriculum through courses and other educational and campus life opportunities.

She has a B.S. from the University of Colorado in Electrical Engineering an M.S. in Marine Bio-Resources and a PhD in Engineering in the Natural Science, both form the University of Maine.

Dr. Demeo spent over 10 years in industry as an electrical engineer specializing in system design. Her current research focuses on smart-grid technology and community scale renewable energy.